Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just a sweet transvestite...

That's right! The Eddie Izzard show was last night. Everyone's favorite NOT GAY British transvestite was on top of his game last night. Here's a brief review:

Eddie started out by engaging the crowd, asking them questions in what he called "reverse school." ("You tell me the answer, and I say it back to you as if I knew it all along!") He had us all rolling right off the bat. One of the greatest things about the show is that there were NO OPENING ACTS. We paid $50 to see Eddie, and Eddie is who we saw. He wasn't dressed in his ladyclothes last night. He looked quite handsome sporting his manly attire. I presume he was dressed that way to associate himself with his role on that show where he plays a con artist or whatever. Another theory is that the transvestite bit wasn't as "shocking" anymore, and he didn't need it to get our attention, since he's already sold out TWO Dallas shows.

Anyway, he's a master of distracting himself, and making it hilarious for all. He started to look up "Dallas" on wikipedia to find out what it meant, but someone in the audience started shouting out that it's Scottish for "resting place," which I'm fairly sure is utter bullshit :D! Later in the show, he pulled out his magical phone to find out where St. Patrick was really from, because someone in the audience insisted he was English, and Eddie insisted he was Welsh. Both were incorrect, and it turns out he was actually from Gaul! Eddie's remark? "Oh. *small sigh* He was French."

He covered every topic imaginable, but the overarching theme he had to keep reminding himself to focus on was the rise of civilization and religion. A few of the more memorable jokes included Why Ducks don't Rule the World, Darwin's theory of Evolution ("Monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, YOU!"), and "Badgers can't be choosers! *groans from audience* Oh fuck you!"

One of the best things about the show was actually the hecklers. The first one got the response, "Wow that one's kind of a non-sequitur. Look man, if you're going to heckle, you at least need to come in on track." To each heckler following, he would point at them, and then point to that first lady, and say "I can't repeat my jokes, but go join that one."

I hope those of you who haven't seen him live get a chance to see him someday. It's a great show, and it was totally worth spending a little extra for awesome seats. (Right at the front of the balcony, so no tall people in front of me!)

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